Another Brick in the Wall…

1271B_151214_DD Stage ReportBeing young is amazing in so many ways. I remember how even the sky wasn’t the limit, how, brimming with optimism, I was convinced I could achieve whatever I set my mind to. Anything and everything was possible.

I remember studying and admiring Zaha and Gehry and Foster and Rogers and Calatrava. And when we would present our projects I don’t think we would think of ourselves as any less… naïve as we were.

And as you grow older, you start fading into the background, you start accepting yourself as just another pea in the pod.

And this is what scares me the most at the moment.

I don’t know if I am going to be remembered. I don’t know if I am going to leave behind a legacy…

Architecture isn’t a one man show. There are so many parts to play, so many jobs to do. Yet when a building is erected there’s only one name that’s highlighted… one name that stands out… and that name isn’t necessarily always the one that drew the first line.

IMG_4002The pictures that you see with this post, I also played a small part in this project. Opus Tower, conceptualized by the late Zaha Hadid, this mixed use building is going to stand tall and proud in the Dubai skyline soon.

Glad to have been associated with this project


4 responses to “Another Brick in the Wall…

  1. Interesting structure! If and when I go to Dubai, I will make sure I boast to my kid(s) that my cousin Sumeet baji played a part in this project!


    • Hi Lids, Thank you for your comment. I think more than the spelling its the language issue that would be bothering you. even though my blog is for everyone I feel people from South Asia would be able to relate more to it as that’s where I am from and cant help but use some Urdu/hindi words.
      Thanks for the feedback !


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